30 Days With a Grateful Heart
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By Christie Stockstill
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My friend Jote began this, I'll just call it an exercise, six years ago.  She's probably one of the most in-touch, down-to-earth, grateful people I know. Honestly, that she feels it necessary to focus on 30 days of gratitude is liekly a sign that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE should stop what they are doing and count out thirty things for which they are thankful, like right now.

Over the years, I've participated, as have many others. We have our sort of obligatory days of gratitude for family and friends, for warm Texas days, even in Winter, for our health, for our homes, for coffee...

Then there are the days inspiration strikes, or the days the world decides it will show us just what we we really should be thankful for. I enjoy reading about the little things, the giant things, the things that make me tearful or laugh out loud.  I enjoy the process of considering all the blessings in my life, and I'm thankful she does this each year in a month with 31 days, so that I have a day's worth of wiggle room.

Today, I'll start with being thankful for coorporat head shots.  And cranes. Let me explain.

A really big company has a creative approach not represented by their current head shots. They want something more conceptual, less formal, more indicative of who they are as individuals and as a global company. They picked me. I'm thankful that the liaison with whom I've been planning has been amazing, creative and organized. The executives have been onboard 100%.  We shot the first set this morning in a local boot shop on South Congress. Everyone hit it off. We got great shots. 

Then we went to scout out the exact spots for the next two days of portraits. Austin is so pretty.  I just needed to grab a quick shot to send to one of the executives we're shooting later in the week, just a snap shot of our idea for where to shoot with him, and this happens! 

So, today, I'm thankful for coorporate head shots and cranes. (And Austin because this sort of thing can happen here.)


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