30 Days With a Grateful Heart {What Day Is It?}
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By Christie Stockstill
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Health.  I vow, once again, not to take you for granted.

I feel like I could run a marathon. (I can't.) But this morning, even with cedar season upon us, I feel fantastic.  To sum up a long, boring story, I've been trying to get well since before Thanksgiving!  One of those annoying battlles that involves many trips to the doctor, several diagnoses, and feeling generally tired and blah. That is NOT me! And it is definitely not me during the holidays!

Yesterday, I skipped, lunged, side-ways walked, jogged and followed a silly, five-year-old leader around the block.  

We discussed many things magical, as well as a few common sense things my dad would be proud of, like where we could escape if a dog started chasing us.

Last night the boys and I danced our best Charlie Brown dances and enjoyed nearly two hours of holiday fshows until Arlo asked if we could go read in his bed, during which time Xander fell asleep on the couch IN the plaid Christmasy blanket, I'm sure, dreaming of sugar plums.

I'm so thankful my health is returning, and with it, my holiday spirit.

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