Austin Fashion {SoLa Holiday Shoot}
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By Christie Stockstill
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I may not have done very many (or any) fashion shoots before, but that didn't seem like a reason to say no when I got the chance to work with local, Austin boutique, SoLa.  I've never really been the type of person to think that not knowing how to do something should stand in the way of it being done.  That is not to say that I would jump into something prematurely or wrecklessly, but with research and preparation, I am sure the job can be done.  

So, after many chats, lots of emails and texts, a Pinterest board, a few visits to the store, one trip to scout locations, finding the perfect hair and makeup artist, fitting two models, and sending many images of clothing, we were ready. 

Getting the best team together was no small part of our success. Everyone was creative and professional; I couldn't have been happier with the team of women who worked together on this shoot.  

Clothing: SoLa 

Stylist (and owner of SoLa): Coral Smith

Models: Leslie Ellison and Miranda Rose Lampe

Photography: christie stockstill {pho.tog.ra.phy}

Hair and MUA: Nina Fitzgerald

Location: The Winfield Inn in Kyle, TX


From the Chief Solanista herself...

"Inspiration from this collection came from Boho glamour of the 60's and 70's in a mix of bohemian and folk. rich tapestries, textured, plush materials, applique, patchwork, all mixed cohesively reminiscent of the era's musicians and their girlfriends style. The juxtaposition of glossy and matte, opulence and lightness, femininity revealed without excess, this is the balance we strive for with this collection. Enjoy!"




***In case you missed it, here is an article from The Huffington Post.  It's a guide to eating and shopping your way through Austin and, of course, features SoLa. 

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