Client Work Meets Personal Work
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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The past several summers have revolved around my Water Portrait sessions. {Mainly, I think, because it's too dang hot to shoot outside of the water during the Texas summers.}

I look forward to them because I know that anyone hiring me to do this type of shoot is already thinking about art. I am much more free to pursue creative and unusual ideas, both during the shoot and afterwards in post-processing. That sense of freedom boosts my confidence and creativity. 

The main goal, at least in the initial stages of this shoot, was to pay homage to her Mexican roots.  We knew we wanted color images. We thought of playing with paints and having her submerged in milk. We discussed Mexican artists and shared images of flowers and cacti.  She found that incredible lace curtain and created that gorgeous flower wreath. I even covered most of her body in organic clay before we got in the water, which is why I wanted to photograph her while she was still dry.  Turns out the clay was pointless--couldn't see it in the image I selected from before she got in the water, and it washed off immediately after she submerged herself in the water! So I still have some experimenting to do with the clay, but that's for another day.)

In the meantime, please check out the final art pieces I created for her! Each is named after a flower that is meaningful in Mexican culture: Cereus, Dahlia and Marigold (in order of appearance.)

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