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By Christie Stockstill
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Fact: I love fine art of all kinds and am spending a lot of my time working on personal projects and trying to get my work into galleries and homes.

Fact: I love my clients. I love getting wonderful shots they never saw me take. I love playing and exploring with them, seeing how they interact with one another and catching those sneaky little moments with my camera.  

Recently I put together a couple of slideshows showing some of my favorite unstaged images from the past year or two, both capturing natural moments from documentary-style photo shoots.

I know some people say you have to choose between being a fine artist and a portrait photographer, but I'm trying to do both anyway.  I enjoy setting up a conceptual piece, planning as much as we can, posing and paying attention to lines, form and shape. Taking our time to create one, maybe two, final images.  That is creative and exciting and engages me in a way I need.

On the other hand, I love the natural, spontaneous nature of people interacting with each other - paying attention, watching, knowing something magical is about to happen and being ready for it.  That requires a different kind of thinking from me, adn I need that, too.

In between are the posed, traditional, smile-for-the-camera type of shots, and I don't love those so much.  There is nothing really wrong with them; it's just not my thing.

So, if you want a conceptual art piece, something creative and unique with you or your loved ones as the subject, call me!

And if you want something natural, sweet, and REAL (like the images in this slideshow) well, call me for those, too!


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