Fine Art and Fun In One Family Session (It Can Be Done!)
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By Christie Stockstill
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Yes, it can!  ...and anyone who tells me otherwise will just make me more determined to do it.  Think of it like fusion cooking--I'm merging art and photography.  This basically means it is my goal to make sure you have the highest quality images possible, images you will want to adorn your walls, images you will want to show off in a fine art book or in an archival photo box, matted and resting on your coffee table for company to enjoy.  It means, even if you are laughing or swinging or having a food fight, I am paying attention to color, to light, to tone, composition, lines and balance.


It does NOT mean that you will have a stuffy, boring photo shoot.  On the contrary, no matter my love for fine art, I am still so much in love with those genuine images showing you and your family interacting with one another in totally natural ways.  Often times, those are the funny, sweet, precious shots grabbed whilst trying to take a more "formal" portrait.  (I mean, just try and tell a child not to's a guaranteed giggle.)  

Beyond anything else, I want you to have images, pieces of art, that you will treasure for years to come, that you will hand down to your children and their children, that will become a treasured heirloom, so, yes, I do want to blend fine art and creative portraiture, and yes, I still do family portraits!






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