Fine Art Print Presentation Resource
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By Christie Stockstill
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When I first started creating and selling fine art prints, I had a lot of questions about presentation. 

  • Where should I sign them? With pencil or pen? Does the edition number go near my signature?
  • Should I mount the print? Mat it? 
  • Do I choose glass? Plexiglass?
  • How long will my print remain in good condition? How long SHOULD it remain in good condition?


I visited forums. I asked other photographers I knew to be already creating fine art prints. Some people seemed to think signing on the front of the print was best. Others insisted on the back. Many said it was a matter of preference.

I know there are other photographers with these same questions, and collectors purchasing art should be knowledgeable about what to expect.

I'm kind of cheating here, but rather than write out all of this information as if I was the expert, I want to share a link to a helpful resource: a succint and informative exposition on fine art print presentation. 

I now sign my prints on the back, in pencil, with the edition number and the print date, and personally, I like a white border around the image for ease in matting and framing.

Apologies for the "cheater" post, but it is late and we are trying to finish prepping for a very early garage sale!


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