From Birth to Here
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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I have had the pleasure and honor of witnessing only a few babes come into this world, and this is one of them. He took his own sweet time then and I was definitely following his lead. These days he sets a much faster pace and I have a lot more control.  ;)


This is the last Nine-Year Project shoot of 2017. We did this shoot before Thanksgiving! I'm a different age than I was when we shot, for Pete's sake!

Because they are mother and son, because of his age and what I know about them, I immediately thought to do more of an album cover - styled shoot than that to which I am normally inclined. They LOVE music, they are characters and they are a duo. I thought of Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks.


I was aiming for THE cover shot, which I think we got, but we ended up with a few more than that, so I have to share.  


This was so much fun... like band photos without the part where you have to work with a band. Ha ha!




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