from the Water Portrait Sessions
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By Christie Stockstill
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In late August, just before school started back, I decided to make good use of the tank we built before it was too late.  I'd been planning to use it much more this summer, but I just didn't have my plans together in time.  


My new line of Signature Sessions offeres clients the chance to participate in creating art for themselves OF themselves.  It's extremely personal because I make every effort to create work WITH you that is meaningful for you.  I also just think it's a lot of fun to do something new all the time.  

The sessions were a huge success. I limited it to four sessions and booked all four quickly. It was a fun mix of subjects, too: mom with two daughters, married couple, single mom and two young brothers.  I had different goal for each and I'm thrilled with how the pieces turned out, as are my clients, I'm happy to report.  Maybe I'll do more next summer, but for now, I'm starting to figure out the next fun set of sessions.  

So, these are the final images from the "water Portrait" sessions. Hard to believe they all started out looking the same and morphed into pieces that look and feel so different from one another!

Each piece has a title, and the final images will be delivered signed.


'No Matter What' 'The Threads We Weave'


'Baptismal' 'Bent, Not Broken'



'Queen of November'


'Green Leaf Toy'


  'Guardian' 'In Youth, Hope' - sepia

'In Youth, Hope' - color 'Unbreakable'

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