I Heart River Stories! {Austin Family Photos}
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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I have known these three for a long time, from before they were three, actually, which makes it so fun to go out and shoot with them again. Bonus points for their willingness to try something different for their family photos this year. Many of us (moms) want to have our photos represent our most put-together self. That usually means hair done and make-up just right, and, usually, it means dry. 

Not this time! Not for my River Story shoots.  It's really the most comfortable way to shoot this time of year in Austin where it's still in the mid-high 90s through September. 

I love shooting in the water. I love the way it changes a person. I love the way it affects hair (and eliminates the need for every hair to be in place.) I love the effect on clothing, allowing fabrics to flow and move organically and dripping off into the water when you emerge. I deeper water it creates such a cool under-layer of color. In shallow water it trails behind or wraps around you. We can splash or make ripples. We can drop flower petals or leaves into the water or play with the ones we find.

I never know exactly what we will find, how fabrics will move or how people will interact. It makes every shoot different and that is something I am always seeking.

I have so many more fun images to edit from this shoot at Barton Springs, but that may take some time, and I can't wait!


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