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By Christie Stockstill
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It turns out Facebook has its merits.  It may be limiting who sees my posts and soliciting money to allow others to see what I share, but a few great things have materialized because of certain aspects of Facebook.  One thing I love about Facebook is the ability to create and participate in groups.  Not too long ago I found a Fine Art Portraiture group and, in it, so mnay supportive, positive, motivated, creative individuals, working hard at being artists.

Something I immediately loved were the Spotlight Interviews--weekly interviews with one of the artists.  The interviews explore a little deeper the inspiration behind certain images, as well as shed light on techniques, offer support and even give advice.  The ability to see that artist's work all together in one pace is a big-time bonus. 

Our group has grown, and we are actively pursuing, both as individuals and as a group, places, forums,  competitions, etc. wherein we can share our work, and hopefully get paid, if not in dollars, then at least in feedback and exposire.  It's a busy, busy, busy group.  

Long story, short, I am helping out with the interviews now, which I LOVE!  

...and I shared last week, that I was actually the focus of the Spotlight on Inspiration! 

Here's the link to our group's blog and the interview about Yours Truly.

...and here's the link to the first interview I did on fellow photographer and creative machine, Joshua Malik.


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