Just Hanging Out (and updating the family photos, but don't tell anyone)
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By Christie Stockstill
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Sometimes you hire a professional because you trust they will do things the way you want them done, but when you hire an artist, you're really hiring that person because you like what they do. Kerry said she was up for something creative.  I had to know, did she mean creative-creative or kinda creative but within the boundaries of "normal" family photos.  I should have known she meant creative-creative. (She IS creative herself.)  It was freeing to know that she truly meant it! She didn't pay me to do things her way; she paid me to do things my way, but in a way that stayed true to their family dynamic.  

You bring your cute selves and an open mind; I'll bring the camera gear and crazy ideas. We'll find some beautiful light, have fun and make art.

{I have to say...  I smiled the whole time I was going through these images. Funny boys--all three--and so very sweet.}


See? SWEET...


  and willing,


and talented,


and smart,


and goofy.

The last shot of the evening.  It cracks me up everytime I look at it!





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