Little Post #2 - Ignoring The Fear
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By Christie Stockstill
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This past Saturday I FINALLY shot what will hopefully become the first piece of a series I've been thinking about for a long time. It's truly been almost a year since I sort of realized that this concept could turn into something (I'll tell you more later.) I began reading, searching, thinking, writing down ideas, and planning, planning, planning, planning....for almost a year I've been planning!


I'm still planning, but one thing has changed. Last week I scheduled a shoot with someone who had already mentioned she might be willing to model for me. I scheduled it almost on a whim, spontaneously, so to speak, in one unguarded moment of bravery, not unlike that split second of committement in which I allowed myself to to physically exit a flying airplane.  I went through the orientation, I signed my life away, I suited up, I prepared as best I could for my first attempt at skydiving, not 100% certain I would actually jump even as we made our ascent.


I was nervous, unsure, fearful.


Then in a tenth of a second's worth of courage, fortitude and faith I was free-falling. I willed myself to ignore the fear just long enough to jump.


Today I'm feeling empowered, excited, motivated, and yes, a little fearful


But I've scheduled another shoot for this weekend, so I better get ready.


If you're putting things off, keep preparing, but don't let fear of (whatever!) keep you from acting. Get to it! Do something that forces you to move forward.

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Christie Stockstill - Alex! You're the best. After I left the link to my blog post, I thought, "she must get links to a million posts!" Yet, here you are! Thanks for taking a few minutes to check it out!
Alex - CHRISTIE! This is SO AMAZING! Congratulations on actually taking that step forward! Moving forward is SO MUCH BETTER than never taking action. ROCK ON and good luck with all your future shoots :D