Little Post #4 {Austin Fine Art Photographer}
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By Christie
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Having now given myself permission to write short blog posts, I have something to tell you (and I'll be brief, because whoreally has time to read an essay?)


First, regarding the series, I have three and a half shoots done.  The last one was the yarn/piano/husband shoot. Next I have a couple of ideas, but I've completed part of one already, so I was going to move forward with it. The problem is that I am having trouble making some final decisions about the images I shot to be part of the next shoot. Besides that, I need a model who is willing to burn themselves with a match for the shoot. I don't want to fake it in Photoshop.  I spent a while trying to compose just the right words to ask another person to literally hurt themselves for the sake of manifesting my ideas before coming to the conclusion that this one is going to be all on me. So, the next shoot will be a self-portrait wherein I will burn my own fingers. With proper planning, I'm hoping I can get it in a couple of takes. Cross your fingers.




L: Burnt Out

R: The Last Match


Second, and speaking of burning out, I've been feeling frustrated lately with the pressure to focus, to create a "brand," to curate the perfect Instagram gallery, to keep it inline with my website and my Facebook page and Flickr, and aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghhhhhhhhh! 

So, I'm partially rebelling, or finding a way to cope or whatever.  I changed the name of my art and portrait Instagram page to ChristieStockstill and started a new page devoted to pretty much whatever else I care to photograph, because, yes, I'm an artist creating (or trying to create) thoughtful artwork, but ALSO I am an observant lover of light and lines. I love street photography and nature photograhy, too. I want pictures of my friends and my kids in my timehop, damnit!

Instagram now makes it easy-peasy to jump between up to five accounts, so why not? For starters, there is one new page, now called girltakesphoto. It's going to be my little, wanderlust therapy.

Here's the link to that if you'd like to see some pretty, neat, or pretty neat photos. 


There will probably be another one soon, but it will be private, and I will share as many pics of my pets, myself, and my family, friends and food as I please. 


Thanks for reading this! It got a little long

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