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By Christie Stockstill
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The Heirloom Sessions grew out of my desire to create something truly incredible with my clients, something special and lasting. 

I want you to have a wonderful and memorable experience with your family or friends. I want our time and work together to be a special occasion, and I want you to have museum quality, fine art images you can enjoy, share and hand down. 

Before your shoot we will communicate as much as is needed to make sure we are all set the day of the shoot. I will help you with wardrobe and guide you in any way I can to help prepare your group for the photoshoot.  Often, I bring elements of nature into my shoots, but you may also have something special you would like to include in your shoot.  

The length of your shoot will be determined by how many people are involved, but a good estimate is around two hours. It may be less or more depending on the size of the group and how easily we are able to move from image to image. I will direct you as we go, so you will never be left standing there with no idea of what to do with your hands or where to look. It's meant to be something interesting and fun. I will have waters available for you and perhaps a bottle of wine if appropriate.  

As my goal is to create a fine art book of your final images, custom created with specially-chosen words & quotes, I will share with you the final images in an online gallery for proofing and sharing with the group.  Once we are all satisfied that we have (roughly) ten of the best of the best final images, I will make your art book and share with you the layout before I send it to be printed.  Generally, I search for just the right text (a quote, a lyric, a poem) to go across from each image, but I am also open to personalized contributions from you where they might be fitting, a favorite saying or verse, for example. 

Initially, I was calling these sessions Generation Sessions because I envisioned them as a way to honor and remember the members of a family who are all fortunate enough to be alive on this planet together. I realized, though, that limiting these shoots to blood relatives does a disservice to the many dearly-held relationships that exist beyond that blood-linked family bond. I do want to honor those bonds, and if you are blessed to have many generations of your family in your life, let's celebrate that! But there are other reasons to feel blessed, many other special relationships forged outside of a biological lineage. 

One Fine Art Book, the heirloom part of your Heirloom Session, is included in the cost of your investment. When I opened the package and looked through the first heirloom book I had made, I literally cried. It wasn't even my family, and I couldn't stop the tears! You will truly be receiving a work of art! It is something you will cherish, something you will love to look at over and over again, and something future generations will love treasure. 


Update: I've since created a book of images for my in-laws which, of course, included my husband and two sons. Naturally, I bawled the whole time I was editing the images, again when I created the book, again when I got the book back from the printer, and again when my husband cried when he saw the book. His parents haven't yet seen the book, but we plan to film them seeing it for the first time, and there is certain to be more crying. It's an emotional thing, y'all! You should totally try it.

{Photos of my fam and book below}


The cost for the Heirloom Sessions including your original Custom Fine Art Book is just $1900 + tax.

Identical Book #2 is only $900, and books #3 - 5 are only $750 + tax! 

Call or email me soon to begin working on your own heirloom.






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