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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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Recently I deleted all the drop downs, gallery pages, photos and information that represented the work I used to do. 

It was un-nerving to say the least, but I have changed a lot as a person and photographer since I rather spontaneously decided to quit teaching high school and begin my own photography business, and I know it was the right thing to do.

For years now I've been trying to figure out how to marry my creativity with my client work.  I tried making my client work more creative. I tried offering discounts for participating in fine art shoots. I tried offering the best of both worlds, showing myself as practically two different people on my website.  It was a matter of who you wanted to show up for your photoshoot: the artist or the photographer. 

Despite all of our best intentions, it has been very rarely that I have achieved to be one in the same, both artist and photographer, at the same shoot. 

It's getting to feel a bit schizophrenic, and that isn't fair to any of us.

In celebration of my finally ceasing to put air quotes around the word artist, I'm committing myself to being exactly her. (In my defense, I had actually stopped using " " and begun sort-of-shrugging my shoulders instead. Baby steps.)

When I think about it, I feel solid and ready, not freaked out or regretful...  feeling excited, not nauseous, so I know it's a good move. You know how you know. 

I look forward to making more art with you and for you...

And for myself!




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