Mothers & Daughters {Nine Year Project, Austin}
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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I am LOVING this Nine Year Project, you guys!


So far I have had three shoots, each so different from the others. Of course, I'm enjoying getting to be creative with more people. I truly love bringing more people in to participate in creating art. I knew there were people out there who wanted to get creative but simply couldn't rationalize spending the money with so much else going on. It's hard! I get it! Plus, you feel obligated to get updated family photos made or just end up sending everyone the school photo. Making or buying art feels like a luxury.


The point of this whole project, though, is to stomp all over that idea-- the one that says only the wealthy have access to art. I'm sensitive to this concept because I know that I can't even afford myself!


So I'm over-the-moon-happy that you guys are getting in touch, saying "YES!, Me! I want to make some art!"


BIG TIME BONUS (for me!) This time I got to make some art with one of my best friends and her daughter! I've known Cis for almost twenty years! (Oh my God!) One of the things I love so much about her is that she hasn't changed much. She's still the fun-loving, be-there-for-you-in-a-minute, up-for-anything, true-blue friends she was when I met her. That is why she found herself submerged fully clothed in Barton Springs last Wednesday, freezing her butt off and trying to form every little line of her body down to her fingers into shape that pleased me, all while trying to encourage her daughter (with 0% body fat and who did not want to go under) to just pop under long enough to wet her hair.  They did it, though! Such troopers. I'm thinking I need to print up some tee-shirts that say "I froze my ass off to make art with Christie Stockstill." 


I'm so, so happy with the results of those few minutes and so appreciate of their commitment.  


Thank you, Cis and Syd!



I'm still open to booking more Nine Year Project shoots!

I will make the time for you, if you are interested!



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Christie Stockstill - Hi, Jamie! Thanks for reaching out! Please email me at or use the contact form on my blog or website. ;) I'd love to tell you more about the nine-year-project!
Jamie Moore - Hi Christie, I know Cissy from an old job we shared at a magazine years ago. These photos are so cool and I would love to inquire about what all is entailed for me and my 4-year-old daughter Murray to participate.

Thanks - and great work!

Jamie Moore