My First Gallery Show
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By Christie Stockstill
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What a surreal evening (and I don't just mean the genre of most of the art hanging in the gallery.)  What a fantastic (literally) collection of work from the hearts, minds and souls of artists from all over the world.  If you didn't know better, and if you didn't really look carefully, you might think it was the work of one artist, but a closer look reveals subtle differences in everything from concept to color pallette.  

Here's the back story...  One woman, inspired and wanting to commune with other inspirational types, began a fine art photography group on facebook.  Many, many artists, probably also insearch of support and inspiration, joined her.  I stumbled upon the group about two months ago and joined.  About a week or two later, another memeber, actually two memebers, a married couple, found themselves with a great opportunity to share the idea of our group with a Houston Art Gallery owner.  He was intrigued, and, as he was about to put out a general call for entries for a group exhibit, he offered to open submissions to our group first.  We filled all the spots. Over 70 pieces from 46 artists!  I submitted three, all three were accepted, and that's how I found myself in my first gallery show.  I think about 14 or 15 of us were able to be there last night.  I'm finding it happens more and more that I meet people I first met on Facebook or Instagram.  In fact, a long time ago I stared following a guy called shutter7en on Instagram.  We have exchanged a few comments here and there. He was living in the Bay Area at the time, but recently moved to Houston, so I sent him a note about last night's event.  He showed up, which I knew because of Instagram posts, and we were able to find each other and have a great talk about all things art and photography! (We now have tentative plans to meet up again with our families. He met my crazy boys and talented husband, but his family is still in San Francisco.) Social media may have it's pitfalls, but it really does it's part to shrink this giant world, which despite the saying, is not that small!

Here are just a few images from last night, thanks to my husband who was there in many roles: documentarian, art lover, wife-supporter and child-wrangler.  


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Christie - Well, Wendi, you know he is pretty hardcore. ;) And thanks, I was forced to go with curly hair because of the rain!!
Wendi - Cute pics. I liked your hair!! and Arlo is really getting down. of course.
Christie - MARIAH!! Love that big Hawaiian hug! (I'm still up for a workshop on your beautiful beaches. Just sayin'.)
Mariah Milan - So proud of you lady!!! Big huge congrats and virtual hugs sent across the ocean!!! XO
Christie - Holly, Thanks for the note! No one ever says they love my hair!! I'm perhaps even more excited for that compliment!
Holly Berry - Congrats again on the show! It looks beautiful and I also love your hair.
Christie - Melanie, Thanks for reading! I won't be surprised to run into you some day, as well! Hope!
Melanie Ludlow - I so agree with what you said about social media! It makes this big world so small. :) Love the work, congratulations!