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By Christie Stockstill
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Confession time. I love Pinterest. It's my go-to source for food ideas anytime I have to bring a dish to an event or need something new to make for the family (or I need an idea for something gluten free or vegan or paleo or whatever I'm trying out at the moment; but that's another blog post.)

The point is Pinterest is a great source for information and inspiration, and I've put together several boards that I hope you will find informative and inspiring!

My business and art have evolved over the years. In my client work, I am hyper-focused on two main shoot styles: documentary-style family photography that I call Storytelling Session and fine art-style shoots called Signature Sessions. One is geared toward the artful capture of your tribe's story, while the goal of the other is to create one-of-a-kind artwork with you as the subject.

My hope for this post is to offer you some good resources for sparking your creativity whether you have hired me for a shoot or you are a photographer planning a shoot of your own.

For the sake of organization, I'll list the links in categories, but consider checking out all the links or following several boards. You may stumble upon a surprising source of inspiration.

Planning a Signature Session:

You may have no ideas or a very specific idea. Either way, I'm ready to plan with you. To get going, here are some links to places I store ideas that inspire me and the work I love to create.

Art Inspires  - a board of paintings, scultpures, drawings, etc. that motivate me 

Art on Paper  - This is a collection of illustrations and drawings on paper, so not canvas or sculpture--could even be a card or sign or doodle, even, that gave me an idea 

Creative Color Photography  -  The name really says it all, I think.

Gowns - This board is full of gorgeous gowns we might want to recreate or find to reallyhelp make your art piece amazing. {Or maybe you'll be nude!}

Shooting In/On/Through Water  - Helpful for planning your water portrait shoot!


Planning a Storytelling Shoot:

Your family, your home, the locations, the wardrobe, the activity we plan all affect the natural progression of the photoshoot and the resulting images. Even if your family is usually pretty casual, if you are spending your hard-earned money to hire me, let's put some effort into making it the best experience with the most amazing photos to show for it.

Here are some boards that will help to make your shoot stand out from all the other family photo shoots you've seen.

Creative Ideas for Children & Family Photos  - Note the lack of huddled families in matching outfits, all smiling at the camera. I'm not categorically opposed to looking at the camera; I just don't like the count-to-three, say-cheese approach to family portraits.

What to Wear {Kids Edition}   - some great ideas for palette and style and some less typical ideas for wardrobe


What to Wear {Older Girls & Ladies}   - same as above, but for women


For Something Really Different  - I call this board, "Hate the Circus, Love the Look" You'll see.

Get Busy Creating {With or Without} Me:

These boards offer ideas for posing, alternative printing, hanging and framing and all things creative.


Get Creative!

Other Things To Do Besides Simply Making a Print - collage, encaustic, paint, texture, scratch... you get the idea

Wax On; Wax Off  -  Encaustic Art Using Photographs {and other stuff}

Photoshop Tips & Tutorials

Poses  See! I told you I wasn't against posing. I have a whole board dedicated to it!


For Everyone!

Framing & Hanging - ideas for getting art and photos on display


If it were me, I would have clicked on the first link, found a piece I loved, looked at the suggested pins, found an artist who intrigued me, went to their site, found I had a question, kept reading, which then would lead me to yet another site. So, congratulations if you made it this far, but also congratulations if it took you many attempts to get here. 

Have a beautiful and creative day!


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