Nine Year Project: Celebrating 9 Years in Business by Making Art With You
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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Photo Project In Celebration of NINE Years!


Recently, an old post popped up on my Time-hop notifications: “Trying to decide on a name for my photography business.”


WHAT?! Nine years ago?! Not only can I not believe it has already been since years, but also, I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have stayed in the business of photography that long! For so many reasons (that I totally understand) a lot of people don’t keep at it that long.


I truly wish photography wasn’t a luxury - an expenditure that prevents many people from participating in the creation of art! I don't want money to be the reason we don't get to work together.



I hear it a lot: 


     “Some day I want to work with you.”


     “I’d love to work with you, but we just can’t afford it right it now.”


     “We can’t do a shoot right now. We’ve had some unexpected expenses pop up.”



In short, you want to be part of the art, I want to feed my creative monster, and we all need to keep on paying the bills, sooooooooo....


Here’s my proposal:



**You pay what you can. 


I have the freedom to create the images I have in my head (within the boundaries you will set when we talk.) 


You get a beautiful art print.


 **Really, I’d create free art for you all day long if I could afford it! I've always been something of an idealist, and this may bite me in the butt, but... I'm hoping you will be as generous as you can afford to be, and, in return, I will put all of my efforts into creating a unique and creative work of art with you as the subject.


{Please, be sure and read to the end of this post, where I will lay out all the details for these shoots and hopefully answer any questions you may have.}



Remember these pieces will be artful, perhaps something delicate and lovely, or maybe something a little quirkier and untraditional. Please be sure you’re in it for the sake of getting creative, not specifically for the purpose of getting a “pretty” photo for social media.  


Between now and the end of the year, I will create as many art prints for others as I can manage. The only “catch” is that I have to have creative freedom. 


When I see you, and after we chat, I’ll have a good idea of what we can do together- could be one of my Signature Sessions (Water Portrait, Poet Heart or Wild At Heart) or something more conceptual or experimental.


If you are willing to participate, I will work with you. You absolutely DO NOT need a certain look for this. All shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and ages (4 and up) encouraged to participate. {No offense to your sweet angels, but to create the image in my brain, I need everyone participating to be able to consistently follow directions and perhaps be able to portray a character.}



The Details, TheSkinny, The Lowdown


How much do I have to pay and what do I get?


Requested Minimum Contribution - $100  - This shoot will be for one person and will include one 8 x 8" or 8 x 10" signed art print print. 


If you would like to include an additional person or two,  I would ask that you contribute at least $150. I will then create an image that will include 2-3 people. 


I will also send you a web-ready, watermarked version of the final piece, so that you will be able to share it with friends and family.




What if I want more than one final piece? 


If we happen to get several fantastic final images, you will absolutely have the option to purchase other images beyond the one I print for you. 


If you know in advance that you would like multiple final images, for example, you have three daughters and you'd like an art piece of each of them, please contribute at least the minimum amount of $150. I will shoot all three images in one shoot and make one art print for you. You may choose to purchase the two additional prints if you like and when you are able.


What if I don't like my image(s)?


While I sincerely hope you love your unique work of art, I am not committing to reshooting or changing elements of your image. I will produce the work in my mind and share that work with you in the form of an art print.  If you don't love it, I apologize in advance, and hope you at least have a great experience making the piece. 


If you would like more control over your shoot and final images, please consider hiring me to do a Signature Session.


Do I have any final say over the image we create? 


Short answer: No.


Longer answer: Before we get to the point of shooting, you will have a chance to set some boundaries (no nudity or partial nudity, no haircuts, no water, nothing too suggestive.) You can let me know if you have a fear of something like snakes, bugs, heights.) I don't want you to be miserable when we shoot, and I'm not trying to take advantage of, or embarrass you. I want it to be a positive and memorable experience! 


Having said that, please know that the shoot may be easy for you, or it may be challenging. You may have to work a little bit to achieve the best final image. You may get messy. You may look awkward or mean or funny. You may have to hold your breath under water or get a little chilly. 


Very Important! If you are not the subject of the work, but are creating a piece with your child/children, PLEASE make sure they are totally aware of, and comfortable with, the sometimes messy and difficult process of creating art. 


We will, of course, discuss ALL of this before I even begin brainstorming ideas for your photoshoot. 



Can I get my money back?


Since this is a special set of circumstances, there will be no refunds. If you are nervous about how you will look or prefer to have control over what the final piece will look like, this may not be a good fit. If you are unsure, get in touch with me. I'm happy to talk with you more. 


If, however, you've seen my work (especially my fine art pieces)  you have an idea of my style. I'm not really into anything TOO disturbing or controversial. I love art work that is symbolic and meaningful. I love muted colors and rich earth tones. I love painterly photographs and emotional images. I love images that do not include all of a person. I like to pay attention to lines and form. I like negative space and symmetry. I love messing around with distortion, reflections and textures.  




Will I have control over who sees these images?


No. I will ask you to sign a release form before we begin shooting.



I feel compelled to add one final little thing, since I just laid down all those pesky little rules and details.  This idea came to me as a way for me to get to work with more people, particularly those who have been wanting to get artsy but haven't had a lot of money to spend. It's also a way for you to get a little crazy, maybe push yourself a bit, without having to commit to a full-priced photoshoot. If you think this sounds fun, I'd LOVE to hear from you.

If you feel a little nervous, give me a shout. We'll cha. If you're already uncomfortable with the unknown, this may not be right for you, right now. That's ok! I encourage you to get in touch when you're ready. We can talk about what you have in mind and see if we can come up with a plan that works for you. 


Below, you can see some images I created with wonderful, trusting people who
agreed to get creative with me. 
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Christie Stockstill - It would be awesome to see you again, and I'd love to get creative with you!
Nehemiah Pitts III - I love it! This is a wonderful idea and I would be honored to participate, Christie.
Christie Stockstill - Bella! I was hoping you'd want in on this! I know we can create something insane together. XOXOX Talk soon.
Christie Stockstill - I will talk to you soon, Mama! I'd LOVE to work with y'all again (plus, just hang out with you!)
Bella - Christie it has been such a pleasure working with you over the last year. You're in a class of your own, a visionary photography bar none. Count me in!
heather white - we are down for this fo sho. Just Cash or maybe all 3....lets talk! XO
Christie Stockstill - Wonderful! I'm ready when you are! I'll email you to get the ball rolling.
Amy DeAnda - Not available until late September timeframe but I would love to take part!
Regina Visconi - Absolutely! Where do I sign up??
Christie Stockstill - Hell yeah, Cissums!!!
Cissums - I want to do this with me and Syd!!! I can afford $150 for an amazing Christie Stockstill original of me and my girl!!! Xoxo