Reflections of Sisters {Nine Year Project #3}
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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I've already said this, I know, but I'm LOVING my Nine Year Project! There is so much freedom in shooting like this! I am immensely appreciative to the people who have been and are now supporting me. Each 9-year shoot I do allows me to push myself more. I admit, there is something in my mind that compels me to create something you will like, and perhaps that is creating a sort of invisible boundary for me, but I find that with each shoot, I'm getting bolder.


Plus, working on these in Photoshop feels truly like playing! I don't have to worry about all the images matching each other in tones, color, exposure, theme, etc. I have been playing the What If game with each image from beginning to end, seeing what I like and what I do not, exploring new areas of Photoshop that aren't really options with a more traditional shoot. 

Each image below is a reflection. I wanted to experiment with creating great physical textures during the shoot. I have done reflection images before, but my goal each time is to try different reactions on the mirror itself. This time, I used coconut oil, water, I think agave nectar at some point. I smeared it quite a bit in wiping down the mirror, and I also let the girls use their fingers to draw on the mirror. Everything is new and in the moment. I get so excited (and messy.) Perhaps I should get an assistant for these shoots before I destroy my camera.

So far, so good, though, and I LOVE each of these images. I was supposed to be trying for an image of the sisters together, but they didn't want to touch each other (been there,) so I ended up with several individual images. Bonus!


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