Signature Sessions of the Water Portrait Variety {Fine Art Portraits}
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By Christie Stockstill
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All of my Fall clients will be happy to know I am FINALLY done editing the Water Portraits from the summer. I can now focus {for the most part} on getting your images ready for you in time for the holidays! 

Before I can completely leave behind the summer, I need closure. I just went through all the sessions and chose a handful of my favorites to share with you here and on Facebook, etc. If you follow me on Instagram, you've perhaps seen many of these.

I learned a lot shooting these this summer. One big thing I learned, about my own work and process, at least, is that, though these portraits began in the water, many of them took on lives of their own. The water became irrelavant in some images. From this, I take away two things. 1. Next summer, I want to play with deeper water, where subjects are submerged entirely. 2. I can adapt this scenario/set-up to shoot from above, but without any water at all. And that means we can do these all year long!!  

As I'm growing more and more as a photographer and understanding who I am as an artist, I am also realizing these take a LONG time for me to work through!!  It's literally like working through individual paintings with each image. It takes me days sometimes...weeks, even, as in the case of Reprieve. I don't always know exactly where a piece will go. I keep thinking I will get faster with experience, but, as I am interested in creating unique pieces for each of you, there is no short cut. Next summer I will have to keep all of thisin mind when I announce new water portrait shoots for 2016.

I definitely love doing these. I definitely do not love how behind I am on other client work or how I've had no time to work on personal projects.

The Signature sessions do allow me the chance to get creative with clients, though. I truly appreciate that and value all of you who have trusted my instincts, who have come to my house (even from out of town!) and submerged yourself in cool water, who have talked your children into doing the same. I am excited to have people around me who not only love art but also view photography as art. Thank you!

Here are just a few of the images we've created together this year. 





















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Christie Stockstill - Thank you for the great compliment! I'm excited about trying more and more shots involving water.
Hope - Love, love, love........they are all beautiful. You must feel so (I can't think of a word)
satisfied? accomplished? to have created these images.
You really are the best.
Keep me posted.