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By Christie Stockstill
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 Frank Morrison is new to me but apparently not news to a lot of other people.  He’s supremely creative, and it seems I am on a long, long list of admirers.  


As a young boy growing up in New Jersey, he found pleasure and creativity in his own neighborhood, in the rhythmic movements of B-boys dancing on streets and the sprawling tags decorating the walls and commemorating the deaths of loved ones. He became a talented break-dancer and actually became well-known for it, even going on tour with The Sugar Hill Gang. His dance career took him to Paris, where he fell in love again with art while visiting the Louvre.  It was there that he realized what could be done with paint. 


And I am so very happy that he discovered what he could do with paint. 


His passion for movement and dance and respect for the soulfulness of a person is evident in his work. I am once again drawn to an artist who can create movement in a still work of art.  I am in awe of artists who can demonstrate motion in one frame.  Video, I know, can show beautiful dances and passionate body-play, but to be able to create that beauty in one painting or a single photograph takes crazy talent.  


His characters have depth and personality; they are jazzy, snazzy and sassy; they seem to be moving, to come alive, to hurl themselves right off the canvas.  You can almost hear the sounds around them.


You can check out more of his work, read more about him, and purchase his brilliant work here.   Also, check out all of the amazing illustrations he has done for children’s books, from celebrities like Queen Latifah, Archbishop Despond Tutu and Alex Rodriguez (to name a few.)




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The Dreamkeeper

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