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By Christie Stockstill
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I was on a mission to find paintings of women like I had not seen before. I wanted to see something bold and new and beautiful. I wanted to find images of strong women, women comfortable in their curves, powerful women being soft and elegant.  I did a google search for something simple like portraits of women, and I may have added the word contemporary; I can’t remember exactly.


Anyway, scrolling through Google Images, I found Marie Fox.  She is an artist from Santa Monica, California who paints primarily portraits of strong, Goddess-like women.  (She paints fruits and vegetable, too, but I’m mainly drawn to her incredible portraits of women, so I’ll focus on those today.)


I spent a long time clicking on various images and reading about Fox and her work.  The women she paints are voluptuous and curvy, some would even be considered large (especially by today’s unfortunate standards,) but all of the women exude confidence and comfort.  They lounge; they recline on beds, floors, and diving boards; they nonchalantly drape their legs over chairs. I love these women.  I emailed her to tell her just that, and to my surprise, she emailed me back! She seemed truly appreciative that I would take the time to write to her with the purpose of complimenting her work, but I cannot imagine NOT emailing her.  Being an artist can be thankless, at least, or worse, brutal, and one must have the fortitude to keep creating, even when no one is outwardly praising the work.  


Fox’s work has sold in galleries, been sold to businesses, and has even been commissioned for the White House (twice!) As with all beautifully-crafted paintings, I am amazed by the way Marie Fox can recreate reality, shadows and light with just paint.  I love her choice of colors - rich and luscious.  And I love the warmth in her paintings. When I look at her paintings, I’m not just enjoying them, I’m shopping.  One day, I want one of these confident goddesses hanging on my wall so I can commune with her daily. 


Marie Fox keeps up with her blog regularly, and she is open and honest about her process.  She will frequently post a painting she has begun to work on again, and she writes about the changes she made to the piece.  Check her out!


























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Christie Stockstill - Much gentler. ;) When I see her paintings I feel her affection for the subjects. With Freud, not so much.
Hope - Yeah... A gentle Lucien Freud!!! Beautiful.