Tea Party {The Good Kind} San Antonio and Austin and Everywhere in Between
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By Christie Stockstill
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Seriously, I am tempted to post this entire shoot.  {I may still.}

It was originally intended as a mini-session that my friend purchased {yes, purchased!} for her mother, the idea being to create some images that tell a little story about my friend's daughter and mother, their relationship, something about the family, you get the idea of telling a story.

But it was a mini-session, so hard to tell too much of a story in 30 minutes and ten images.  We were driving to San Antonio, where we grew up and her mother lives, and she is one of my dearest friends and the godmother to my children, so there are are a few perks, like shooting way more than ten images.

On top of everything, it occurs to my friend, who is really creative herself, to go with a tea party theme, and not like a cute little table with fake tea and stuffed animals, but a genuine tea party with the three generations of women, loads of cookies, fruits, cotton candy, actual sugar cubes, champaign...the works. The best part is her mother has an enviable collection of lace napkins, doilies, candlesticks, antique dishes, trays, bowls, tea cups, and stemware. Aaaaannnnnd they had all just been IN a wedding, so they had beautiful dresses that needed to be worn again. 

{Obscure Analogy: It's like how you might pay $100 for a tattoo of the Tasmanian Devil plucked from the wall of a tattoo parlor, but you can get way more out of the tattoo ARTIST if you work with him or her to create something unique and special.}

Thank you to one of my best friends in the world for going to such lengths to create something fun and memorable. And thanks to you, Gloria, for opening your home and hosting the best tea party ever and then taking us all to lunch afterwards! (And when I say all, I mean her whole family and mine - Adam and the boys joined me for the day, as well.)

We got so many great images that day; I'll just share a few what I will call Personality Portraits, one more artsy piece and a few storytelling images. I hope you do end up making that book we discussed.  It will be a wonderful heirloom.  XOXOX


For Posterity...


Personality in Spades...


Such a good story...



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Gloria - Excellent Photography, Christie! You have incredible artistic talent. I'm so looking forward to the book of the " tea party " shoot. I really appreciate the beautiful work you did. Thank you.
Rena - I just saw this post last night when I went to show my brother and Ashley the photos. I love it! And, I can't wait to create that book! Thank you, Christie!