Three Young Sisters {Nine Year Project #1}
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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I'm excited to share the four final pieces from the first shoot of my Nine Year Project.  We were aiming for one art piece of all three sisters together but wound up with a bit more! No matter the shoot, I always think about it quite a bit. I brainstorm and scroll through inspirational images, listen to emotional music...whatever I need to go in to the shoot prepared. Nevertheless, some of my favorite images, from so many shoots, not just this one, are of the spontaneous shots grabbed on the fly-- magical moments that present themselves if you're paying attention. The image of Ella, by herself, is an example of one of those serendipitous moments. Her younger sisters fled the backdrop for water and she stayed put. An image of her, like this, was not in the plan, but it's maybe my favorite one and an excellent reminder to stay vigilant throughout the shoot. 

So, here are the images and a bit of exposition. 


1.  THE image of the three sisters together. They worked so hard to balance on that tiny suitcase foundation I provided. (I recommend this as a team-building activity if you're looking for ideas, or perhaps a punishment á la the siblings in one t-shirt consequence.)

2. An out-take I liked of the three sisters collapsed in frustration over trying to balance on the aforementioned suitcase (with big sis obliging with a peaceful expression.) 

3. When little sisters took a a quick break, Ella remained and thankfully allowed me to get a shot of her by herself. I'm so happy she did because this is one of my faves from the shoot! It is such a great reminder that I don't have to go over the top with planning and wardrobe and location.  Sometimes I get exactly what I love in spite of myself!

4. When it is evident the controlled portion of the shoot is over, and I get out of the way, the joy and freedom of childhood often presents artful moments of its own. I learned a long time ago not to put my camera away just because I say the shoot is over.



I'm still happy to book more Nine Year Project shoots!  Here's a link to the details:



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Christie Stockstill - Thanks!!! (What is siL?) ;)
Hope - Hi there, more beautiful images....what can I say??? Again, the family must be thrilled with them. They are so different.
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