Water Portrait Sessions
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By Christie Stockstill
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Last summer we built a "tank" (It's like a shallow pool) in which to shoot some creative portraits.  I only got one shoot in before it got too chilly to put people in unheated water.  This summer Ihave had a few more opportunities to use it, and I'm having so much fun.  It's not a simple process to prepare the tank and our backyard for shooting.  Plus, I have to climb on the roof and lean over the edge to get the shots I want, but it's so rewarding, and I love the unique images I can create.

It's great for pregnant women, especially since you can take some of the weight off for a bit and recline in nice, cool water.  Sounds great right now, and I'm not even pregnant!  It's also a beautiful way to capture a mother and child together, or two siblings, maybe even three people, depending on size or age.  I love to get women into the water and see how creative we can get with movement and positions. You can do so much more with your body when you don't have to contend with gravity so much!

Putting together a series of fine art water portraits has been a project of mine, but I had so much fun shooting with my own children and with my friend's boys, that I want to get more of you in the water before summer ends.  I'm offering a VERY limited number of specially priced water portrait session - ONLY FOUR, actually, so don't take too long to decide!  

I will help with wardrobe. I can help with hair and make-up (although, bonus, you're in the water, so hair isn't as much of an issue!)

Here's the skinny, the straight dope, the 411...

WHEN: The shoots will be in the evenings of August 17th and 18th. (Sunday and Monday, at 7:00 and 7:45 PM) 

WHERE:  My Place (I'll message you the address)

WHO:  Water Portraits work best with school-age children who can tolerate slightly chilly water for a few minutes (it's not Barton Springs cold, but not bath tub warm, either.) 

WHO ELSE:  Mothers and children, pregnant women wanting a beautiful maternity art piece, brothers, sisters, you, because you're gorgeous and when was the last time you did a portrait of yourself? Couples, who want a creative portrait of yourselves, and men who want an unusual portrait

DETAILS:  1 - 2 people; 3-5 final images to choose from in a private, online gallery and 1 12 x 12" or 11 x 14" archival print

COST:  only $175 (a $695 value)  Holy Smokes! That's almost 75% off!  It's ART with YOU as the subject!  Want more images or more than two people?  Book the whole evening for only $335!


The not-so-fine-print: No spot is confirmed until the shoot fee has been paid in full. Total number of images will depend on how many frames we are able to shoot in the time allotted. No wardrobe changes.  I may ask you to come a few minutes early to prepare, and sessions may deviate from the schedule a bit (start a bit earlier or go a bit later) depending on the sunlight.


Please help me spread the word! Share this post, email a friend, shout it from your rooftop!


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Michelle - Hello Beauty,
I'm interested in the Tank shots project.
Please contact me about details of where to mail the check. I am open to either date.
Thank you,