Water Portraits {Coming Soon!} In the Meantime...
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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Maybe it's Spring. Maybe it's the heat or that we're nearing the end of the school year. Whatever the reason, I am seriously jonesing to get out into nature, specifically the water, since it's so humid and already in the 90s in Austin. Summer in Texas is not a busy time of year for family portraits. We all cram those into the five weeks of gorgeous weather we finally get right after Halloween.  

One solution: shoot in the water! 

The water tank is all set up in the backyard, ready for me to book this year's water portraits, but this summer I want to do some other kinds of water portraits, as well. Water portraits in Barton Springs, Hamilton Pool, the Pedernales, or the Colorado. Last Saturday I did a shoot like this at Barton Springs. Even with hundreds of other people around, we were able to find a little area to ourselves (well, to ourselves if you don't count the people in kayaks and canoes cruising by, some much more slowly than others.)

I wouldn't recommend a river session for little, littles. You must definitely be able to swim, should be comfortable in water and with getting water in your ears. You'll for sure get wet, maybe messy and muddy. Shooting in the water is freeing. Your body is lighter; you can move in ways you can't on land; your hair and clothing float and flow dramatically. It's liberating, relaxing and lots of fun. 

These images are from a shoot I did last weekend. We staked claim to a tiny embankment and got our creative on. It felt more like a grownup playdate (especially since someone showed up with the ingredients for vodka/sodas!)

Click on the first image below to view each full-sized image. Enjoy!

Interested in your own water session? Give me a shout! 


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