Water Portraits: New & Improved!
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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Woohoo! It's Water Portrait Season! This year, to celebrate, I created a "line" of Signature Portrait Sessions, which now includes Water Portraits! 


So, I'll get right to the money part, because, let's face it, that matters for most of us.


Signature Sessions
Artistic, Unusual, Treasured
Both Signature and Water Portrait lines are designed to create lovely, timeless (probably a little ethereal or mythical) portraits of you and/or your loved ones.  We will work together to plan and create images that push the boundaries of more traditional portraiture. Water Portraits are limited to months warm enough for total submersion in water, roughly May - September.
First, choose your shoot. (Shoot fee includes 1 - 2 people and 1 signed art print.)
Poet at Heart 250  
Wild at Heart 250
Water Portrait 300
Second, create your perfect package based on the number of people to be photographed and the number of fine art prints to be included for your investment.
1 person or 2 people together - 12x12” Art Print  (No additional investment!)
1-2 people, 2 - 12x12” Art Prints OR 3 - 8x8” Art Prints (+ $100)
1-3 people, 4 - 10x10” Art Prints (+ $140)



Now for the details, the skinny, the straight dope...  
Poet at Heart shoots are done outdoors under a white pop-up tent, which creates a lovely outdoor studio and perfect, soft lighting.  I typically use a simple backdrop for these images, putting the focus on the subject. I pay close attention to lines, form and composition. The subject IS the art. Don't fret if you think you are not poetry incarnate. You are. Let me prove it!
Wild at Heart shoots are for the wanderer. We'll go explore, channel our inner child, find our sense of adventure, and hopefully, a beautiful spot to make some art.
Water Portraits are created in a special water tank in my backyard. These are a bit like the Port at Heart sessions but in the water, which is so nice in the hot, Texas summers!
Over time I've developed a good sense of which images clients choose for different subjects (themselves, their children, mothers and children, etc.) so I've put together the best deal I can to ensure those images will be printed for you and included in your initial investment. No surprises. No regrets.  If you love your images so much you need even more prints, I'll be happy to help you with that! If you are going to treat yourself to a fine art photoshoot, I want you to get some prints!


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