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By Christie Stockstill
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Thank you for dropping by to check out my new digs.  If you know me already, you will recognize that this blog is nothing like my last blog (cue The Black Keys' 'Next Girl.)  

If you are new to my work, thanks for finding me. You're just in time!

Here you will find samples of my work, posts about new work and projects I have going on, information about my portrait and fine art work, updates, promos, contests and more. My previous blog had become nothing more than a space for posting sneak peeks from current sessions, with an occassional post about art or creative portraiture I was trying. It didn't reveal much about me, and really, it only mattered to a few of my close friends and whichever family or new baby session was being shared at the time.

Here I hope to engage more with everyone from those of you looking for a photographer to amateur and professional photographers.  Hopefully, you can come here for inspiration and ideas for your next photo shoot, whether you are the subject or the shooter. Feel free to interact in a way in which you are comfortable. Simply browse the images and skim the articles or actively engage yourself in discussions.  It's up to you.  I hope you get something out of it, either way.  

If you are inclined, I'd love to hear from you.  Please leave a lovenote or constructive criticism or even ask a question or make a request.

If you are really motivated, I'd love for you to Share, Like, Follow, Pin or Tweet!  (So many new ways to use verbs!) 

Enjoy your visit, and have a beautiful day!

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