What I Have In Common with Birds and Reptiles
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By Christie Stockstill
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Birds do it, insects do it, reptiles do it. No, I'm not talking about falling in love.  I'm talking about casting away our old skin to replace it with something fresh and new.

Molting - shedding skin or feathers in the process of renewal; may also refer to casting off parts of your business that have been wonderful to make room for new, more focused endeavors

OK. You won't find that last bit in the dictionary, but it totally applies.

When I began shooting for a living, I photographed anyone or anything that paid.  You have to, I think, when you're starting out, especially if you haven't really found yourself as an artist or technician or however you view your work as a photographer.  I have photographed everything from pets to products, nuptials to newborns, and everything in between. It has helped me pay the bills for these six years, and I'm eternally grateful.  

It's taken a lot of time, practice, shooting, reshooting, thinking, learning and aging to mold myself into the artist I am today.  {...and honestly, you don't know how much self-control it took not to put quotations around the word artist just now.}  

Yesterday I was adding new work to my website and couldn't quite figure out how to sort it all out.  I have so many galleries and pages, cleverly titled of course, and I kept having to scroll up and down to access the different galleries.  That, my friends, is a sure sign you have too much going on on your website.  It's a cry for help, a message from the ether to FOCUS!!!!

So I began shuffling, switching, adding and deleting images - being brutally honest with myself about what should stay and what should go. Folks, before I knew it, all my images of newborns by themselves, curled up in cute, little bundles were gone.  

I was ruthless, but it felt right, and so I kept going.  

I adore meeting new families. I love watching for just the right moment to depress my shutter, anticipating when something magical is about to happen.  I moved all quality images of newborns WITH other family members into a gallery for families and lifestyle imagery, and made a gut decision to no longer take on newborn work, at least not if the end result is to be mostly solo shots of a tiny human propped on a shelf or tucked into a bowl.  There is not a thing wrong with that sort of newborn work if it is done safely, and there are photographers in town who are FAR better at it than I.

So, I'm molting.

I would LOVE to work with pregnant mamas through my Signature Sessions, and I would be thrilled to include your newborn in a family-lifestyle-documentary-type shoot - absolutely, over-the-moon excited to be part of such fun.


I've been enjoying doing a couple of dance sessions lately.  If you and your family love to boogie, let me photograph you!  We'll make a book or a slideshow or both!  You'll laugh and cry over the images when you see them, and everytime you look at them in the future!  



And, of course, I'm ALWAYS and ESPECIALLY excited to work with you on a special art piece for you or your family.  



By the way...  I totally get the irony of this post being followed by my last post...of a newborn session. {But it was a fun session, full of photo-journalistic style shots with an energetic two-year-old, so...}

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