Women & Children {Signature Portraits}
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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I just had to get back over here and add some more images from my Signature Sessions. It's official these beauties are now an official line of portraits all their own. 

 I love these portraits for women and children, for sisters, for best friends, for daughters, mothers and grandmothers, individually and all together. Generational portraits would be incredible (more on that soon.) I envision these sessions to be fluid and organic. I want you to enjoy yourself, to feel bold and free and to leave our shoot feeling confident and proud.  

As for prints and products, I'm trying our some new things with the goal of providing you simple and affordable access to your images. I am ordering samples and really creating this line from scratch. All the art prints will be signed, and I'm even looking into a couple of new fine art books. I've never really offered a "line" of portraits before. Incidentally, I'm also working on something like this for my line of Water Portraits.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy a few images from a recent Signature Session with two sisters.  They giggled the whole time, so I'm pretty sure they had fun. I love those joyful, in-between shots, too, though. It reminded me of me and my sister cutting up when my dad got out the camera, which was often. {I'm sure I'm enjoying some sort of karma.}

Aaaaand, I just added even more Signature Portraits....  Enjoy!

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