Women & Children's Signature Portrait Line
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By Christie Stockstill Photography
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Lately my client work and personal work have gotten a little smashed together. Things are getting confusing, and I find it hard to find the happy place in the middle where a piece is as much from me as it is for someone else. In planning custom pieces, some people say they seek me out because of my work. Then at some point during the planning my voice becomes less important. The image (perhaps rightfully) becomes more about the client. I've even had things begin to shift in post-processing, when a client makes several requests for different versions of the final image, requests like altering colors and tones, adding elements, taking out others. I need to straighten things out for all of us. I mean if it's become confusing for me, it's likely confusing for anyone thinking about working with me! Right?


So I've been thinking (and thinking and thinking...) about the work I love to do with clients and the work I love to do for myself, and I've been thinking about how to lay it all out beautifully for clients and to make it work for my business and my art. 

Getting now to the point...

I love shooting with women and children. I love working in natural, but controlled, lighting situations. I'm not 100% sure what I'll call this type of shoot (Suggestions?) Maybe these will be my Signature Sessions, separate from custom portraits, water portraits and storytelling shoots. 

These shoots are perfect for women, children, sisters, pregnant women, even a short newborn session.

I created these three images last week with Cara. She's the creator, designer, crafty owner of A Pocket Full of Posey. She's actually got plans to embroider a flower crown onto one of these images. Check her out!


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